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Wedding Photographer

Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay & Surrounds.

hi, i'm konrad...

I'm a Melbourne born photographer now living on the Gold Coast, Australia. I live a sustainable and minimal lifestyle travelling up and down the Coast of Australia. I follow swells and sunsets while spending the remainder of my time photographing Weddings, Engagements and sandy, barefoot folk.


My lifestyle pours itself into my work as it's often recognised for it's simple and minimalist compositions. My friends call me calm and compassionate, and clients feel this energy during their time with me. In my work you'll see beautiful notes of connection between one another and my ability to create this between people is something I pride myself on. 

What do I do to give back? Every year a percentage of sales of my Artwork is donated to Marine Conservation.


Where does the name Konrad Brewski come from? While the general sound of it suits my Polish background, I really do just love to have a cold one after a sunset surf on my days off. So if you'd like to catch up to talk photography or your wedding day, come and have a Brew(ski) with me. 

To connect with me please contact me anytime via the contact form, phone, or Instagram.


konradolski@gmail.com | 0400 080 887 | @konrad_brewski